Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today is the 7th day after the surgery on my foot and I had my first follow-up with the surgeon. As most surgeons are, he was very pleased with his work. And he should be. I can already see that there will be no scar from the incision. Of course the fact that he is a plastic surgeon probably means that I should have expected that. 

Most people in the United States hear the term "plastic surgeon" and think they only do cosmetic surgery, Hollywood and tummy tucks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Plastic surgeons do much much more than that.

While it is true a chunk of business comes from “Botox Babes,” “Nostril Nellies,” “Tummy Tonis” and other body augmentation/re-arrangements they are highly trained professionals who also do reconstructive procedures to accident victims, surgery on the nerves, etc. 

Several years ago my mother had a serious fall and hit her head on a bookcase cutting open her forehead. She also damaged the optic nerve in her left eye. At the hospital, the eye doctor – a skilled surgeon himself – actually had a plastic surgeon do the procedure. Today you see no scar on my Mom’s forehead. Unfortunately they were unable to save the optic nerve but they did do wonderful work.

The doctor who did my procedure also did marvelous work. Rather than my seeing him again at his office, I will see him in two weeks at the Wound Clinic when I go for my bi-weekly appointment for my toe.

Oh – and my toe, instead of pointing up towards the heavens, now is flat – the way it should be!

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  1. I'm so glad the surgeon got your toe all fixed...so glad it is flat as it should be!! :) Actually when I think of plastic surgeon =- I think of the wonderful 'doctors without borders' and other such doctors who come over to Ghana a couple times a year and operate on children with cleft palates and other disfigurements- they bring joy to families who would never be able to afford such procedures!