Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well the Rapture has come and fizzled. The hype leading up to this non-event by individuals of all beliefs/non-beliefs and the media has been rather amusing to me. And yesterday was the crescendo as people on Facebook seem to have decided not to go out and enjoy the lovely weather but rather stay home and make comments on their computers! (Yes – even I fell prey to this.)

Now it is time for the post-Rapturephoria as even more T-Shirts and mugs get made by more people looking to make a quick buck. There certainly were enough of them doing it pre-Rapture; why not continue with what was, for them, a good thing?

And for those of you with a great sense of humor and over the top neighbors – why not try this as it is still early enough today. Get some of your old clothing and shoes and place them on sidewalks and lawns around your city and town. Then hide and watch people’s reactions as they start wondering about IF the Rapture actually did happen. You know there are going to be some people that think they should have been chosen and who, seeing the empty clothing, will have great reactions to view!

Me – I’m enjoying myself; sipping on a cuppa and watching the comments from Facebook.

Last night I got together with a small group of friends for a post-Rapture, pre-Birthday (it’s today), any-Anniversary celebration. Being with good friends trumps a cataclysmic event anytime! Really – it does even if you keep checking to see if you are still there!

We gathered at the bar/restaurant of the local Crowne Plaza. Good food; good company - what else do you need for a relaxing evening?

Today I’ll go out for breakfast later on with a friend and with Mom – if she’s up to it and then tonight for dinner. Overall a rather quiet and relaxing day.

And, while I would have loved to take the day off from writing, instead I’ll just post this short brief update because I have committed to making it to the finish line of the Blogathon and we are almost there!

Well it is Sunday and yesterday my Mom, being nostalgic, informed me that I was born on a Sunday!

Another year gone by; time for some reflection on what I did and did not accomplish and then onwards and upwards to enjoy life!


  1. If you had been born in Ghana you would be called "Kwesi"- which means "Sunday born"

    As for the rapture mania- it by passed me totally- I had no idea all this was going on. Until yesterday when I saw some comments on FB.

    Glad you are committed to getting to the finish line- My eye is also on the finish line of the blogathon. Last year when I was involved, something came up half way through and I missed 1 day of blogging- and was not happy because it meant I could not honestly say I had completed the entire blogathon- so this year I'm hoping to make it for all 31 days!!

    I'll be there at the finish line cheering you on...unless, of course, the rapture doesn't occur prior to that point :)

  2. Thanks so much! And you will make it through the 31 days. It's just setting aside the time to do it - even if it's only a 5 minute blurb. I mean there is no hard and fast rule as to how long a post should be (as you can see from the length of my posts) and I have written a few really short ones.
    The other thing you can do is to have an extra one or two "generic" blog entries that you keep for emergencies. I have two but I haven't had to use them and hope to make it through the end of the blogathon without needing them. They are my "safety cushion" in case I hit the wall. I have written two posts on the same day and then scheduled one for the next day. But that's been due to health issues. (I am diabetic and have some foot issues that are being dealt with.)
    I live in Berkshire County Massachusetts which has been referred to by many people as "heaven on earth" so I don't think the rapture would affect us here ;) Anyway - I am looking forward to crossing the finish line with you!