Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today’s blog entry will be a short one. It is late and I need to get some sleep. It’s also Mother’s Day.

As some of you may know I love to cook. When it comes to special days like Mother’s Day, her birthday, etc. I try to make at least one meal during the day that I know is one of Mom’s favorites.

The problem is usually what to make. The thought process begins the day before. First I need to decide which meal I will make as a special meal. Then I have to decide upon the menu.

My first inclination is to make her a special breakfast. An omelet. I have some fresh asparagus which I could roast along with some tomatoes. Add some diced caramelized onions and freshly cut sprigs of dill to that and some slices of brie and I would have a wonderful filling for the omelet. Top it off with some hollandaise sauce and she would have a meal fit for a queen.

The second possibility is to make a special lunch. That could be a platter with various cheeses, some pate, slices of various smoked meats and some fruit served with crackers. She actually loves that as a lunch or even a dinner.

Third choice is dinner. That would be more complex. Definitely the asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Another side would probably be a rice pilaf with some diced fruit added to it. The main entrée is the question. Should I make her a filet mignon rolled in peppercorns and sautéed in champagne? Or should I grill it? Perhaps fish would be in order instead. A salmon fillet in a lemon dill caper sauce is easier to make and she also loves that. Served with a fresh salad the fish could make a wonderful meal.

What else is planned for the day?

If she’s up to it I’ll pop in a DVD of an opera for her to enjoy as well. I’d also like to get her downstairs and onto the porch as the weather is supposed to be absolutely lovely during the day.

At one point during the day we may get together with a family friend and her mother who just moved in with her for coffee but Mom will only make that decision in the morning.

Decisions decisions. So what are YOUR Mother’s Day plans? Please share and whatever you do – enjoy it!

One last thing - visit my friend Anita Heiss' blog and read her post on Mother's Day. What she says about Aunties holds true for the most part about Uncles as well! Just click on her name.

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  1. I became hungry reading about what you plan to do for your mom! :) You are a great son...and that means your mom is a fabulous mother (coz great mother's produce great sons) :)