Monday, May 23, 2011


If you live in a house the time tends to arrive each spring when you start thinking about the garden. Now I am extremely fortunate in that I have a friend of mine who is extremely gifted at landscaping/planting and he takes care of this for Mom and me.

Last fall he planted a bunch of tulips, daffodils and other bulbs and they have come up adding a flash of color to the outside of the house. This fall he’ll plant more.

My house is pretty much surrounded by trees. Due to the pine trees some of the soil is extremely acidic. Both these situations limit what exactly one can plant. Fortunately there are several plants the fit the bill. One of these is hosta. To me hosta is a pretty weed. I say this because it grows and grows. Each year it gets a bit bigger and spreads out a bit more.

Fortunately it has attractive leaves and so it will be used in areas where trial and error have shown that we cannot plant anything else and expect good results. As Mom says “As long as it’s green!”

Of course she said that about the lawn in the back of the house which had gone pretty much to moss. Fortunately there have been huge advances in lawn products – specifically grass seed and this year the moss is gone and new grass is coming in.

It is nice going outside each day and seeing yet another burst of blooms coming up somewhere around the house. Some of the summer plants have been picked up while more will be gotten over the next couple of days. So I expect that the majority of our summer plantings will be in place by next weekend. I will get a photo and post it at one point as well.

Seeing flowers coming out of the ground does something very positive to one’s outlook on life. Looking out the window after hearing what you think is a car door slamming to see that it’s Mama Bear and her two little cubs going through your dumpster also reminds you of the “circle of life.” Yes – every year in the spring we get a mama bear coming through the neighborhood trying to scavenge food. One year she actually managed to tip the entire dumpster and I watched as she carefully brought each bag over to a small area of our backyard where she opened them. She then called her cubs over for a dinner picnic.

At the time I had a account. No one knew then that Apple was planning to delete the entire website and migrate us all to without doing something to migrate our existing sites. Fortunately they did migrate all the photos to one section of our iDisks and the text to another. Without further ado – here is the text and the photos from a previous visit of “The Visitors.”

You know how you get those guests that just drop in without warning?
Well here you see a mother and her kids who decided to do just that to us!  

Playing In The Field

Tag You're It!

I'm It!
Bet You Can't Catch Me!

Bet You Can't Find Me!

Mother with Children - Look for the Shy One in Bushes
Yummy Mommy - Our Favorite!

So I hope you enjoyed that brief trip down memory lane with me.

This year I’ve outsmarted her. No food waste in the dumpster – only non-recyclable stuff. Food waste goes into bags here in the house along with the other recyclables and I do regular dump runs. Sorry Mama Bear.


  1. Oh this was amazing!!!! Yes- loved your trip down memory lane- and the pictures helped alot.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks.