Monday, May 16, 2011


We have entered into what is predicted to be a week of rain. Upon waking today I heard the tap tap of rain hitting the roof and all day long it has been in the background of my thoughts. Of course the current rain has been in the foreground of my thoughts. The thing is that the pressure that builds up just before it rains and while it is raining can often give me a splitting headache.
And in my memories some songs have been popping up and asking for release.

Have you ever thought about how many songs there are related to rain? Just searching on YouTube for Rain and Raindrops will give you a ton of listings that could give me a blogpost word count that goes beyond Nigel Tomm’s “The Blah Story Volume 4.”

While I would love to embed all those songs in here or even give you a list, it would be too easy a cheap shot so I will share with you some of my favorites.

The Beatles “RAIN”

Because embedding all the links here would just not be right (and slow down the entire blog) here are links to a few more favorites of mine that deal with rain:

The Cascades – The Rhythm Of The Pouring Rain

Led Zeppelin – Fool In The Rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Who Will Stop The Rain

The Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again

And who can forget that classic – Singing In The Rain

I’ll leave you with one I just discovered: Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain

And with that I bid you all a good day and hope that it is full of sunshine!


  1. It has been raining ALL day- and I am amazed you could find that many songs about rain!!! But you missed..."It Never Rains in Southern California" Albert Hammond

  2. I love "3AM" by Matchbox 20. Although rain isn't in the title, it's featured throughout the song and video. Love your list!!

  3. Thanks to both of you. Actually I stopped my original list when I hit 100 songs. Then I had to decide a) did I really want a blog post that was essentially a list and b) did I really want to do all that work of making each title a live link. The answer to both very rapidly became nope! :-) May you both have a great day.