Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Fortunately this doesn't apply to me yet!

So this morning my friend Stephen drove me up to the hospital for my surgery. It seems that the Ambulatory Surgery Center (as they now call it) will not sign you in without physically seeing the person who will be driving you home. I suppose they make an exception if you arrive by cabulance or taxi but not for walk-ins.

Once I got checked in and comfortable I just had to wait. I arrived around 9:15 this morning but my surgery wasn’t scheduled until noon. It turned out I knew a couple of the nursing staff from previous visits to different areas of the actual hospital both for myself and for my Mom so it wasn’t too bad; in fact it was more like old home week. Since I was going to have a local anesthesia without any sedation I was actually able to have coffee while waiting. (Turns out I could have had breakfast at home prior to going up as well!)

Everyone who saw it got a huge kick out of my T-Shirt

which I had purchased at (That’s not me in the photo – this is from their website.)

Around noon I was wheeled into the Operating Room. They started to prep me and explained everything they were doing. Trust me – they were really good. I didn’t feel anything. Not the anesthesia, not the strap they put on to hold the leg in place – nothing! The doctor arrived and after greeting me must have started working. Like I said – they were really good. I was only aware that he was doing the actual surgery when he asked for packing and stuff to finish! Yes – he was that good.

Everything was great except that I am not allowed to drive until I see the doctor for a follow-up on Tuesday morning. I am supposed to (and will) keep my leg elevated as much as possible over the next 72 hours and have an antibiotic I need to take as well.

When they finished I was taken to the recovery room where I got dressed. They then phoned Stephen who had gone to hide out at the local Starbucks and he came and got me. Prior to returning to the house we went and had lunch at Flavours (a Malaysian restaurant in Pittsfield.)

Turns out that Chin, the owner, is having foot surgery tomorrow!

I want to thank all of you who commented here, phoned me or sent me direct messages or emails wishing me well. It meant a lot to me.

So while today’s entry is basically a word-filler, with only a little under 2 weeks left to the Blogathon I will not quit. No matter how difficult it will be I will write something every day!

In closing I can only say that I'm getting better all the time!
Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. So glad to hear it went well!

  2. Very glad to hear that your surgery went well. Sounds like they really knew how to take care of you.

    I actually am interested to know what you ordered at the Malaysian restaurant :)

  3. Anjuli - I had one of their luncheon specials that had Miso soup, Achar Salad and Sambal Udang. Very tasty. What I like about this particular restaurant is that rather than have unhappy customers who won't eat the food he lets them choose "how spicy" they like it on a scale of 1 to 10.