Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome back! To me that is...

Wow - is it already more than a year since I've posted? I can't believe it! Well - actually I can. I've had some major things going on in my life and yes - Mom is still alive at 93 years old! Her health has declined somewhat and she now has hospice along with help. But she is still chipper most of the time albeit more tired than before.

It's cold out there tonight 10 degrees F or -12.2 C which, with the windchill feels like -11 F or -23.9 C and that's right now. It is snowing but with some moisture in the air giving the ground an icy gloss. There is a Wind Chill Advisory that has been posted by the Weather Service with a prediction of temperatures going down to -29 F / 33.9 C tonight. A good night to stay inside!

I will try to write more regularly. I need to do so. As I have said in the past - this site is for me to write about anything and everything and I will be doing so - from product reviews to generally anything!

So sit back, grab your cuppa and enjoy the ride!

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